Client and Server
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Got me a digital camera.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
M's opener
Mariners blank the Angels. And we were there as always.

There's this woman, mid 30s or so, who sits a few rows in front of us (we have 16 Game Plan "C" in section 328) who, every game we were at last year, held up these neon florescent posterboard signs, things like "I Like Mike" for Mike Cameron and a few others I've forgotten. Some nights, she'd bring her infant child (Susan thinks it's a girl, I think it's a boy, but he/she is at that young age where there's a mop of blonde hair so you can't tell either way) and put the kid in the act. Next thing ya know, she's on the giant scoreboard TV. Anyway, she shows with sig other in tow today, but no signs! What the? She's the SIGN LADY! Where are her SIGNS? I can't get used to the changes anymore....