Happy Friday, Part 3

268 words written by dylan
Posted May 02, 2003 @ 09:49 PM

I never do the Friday Five, but since this one is about music:
1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.
Sigh. "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. DAMN YOU DIANE WARREN!!!!

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.
Since I only cry when I'm depressed, and I only listen to OK Computer when I'm depressed, it would have to be "Let Down."

3. Name three songs that turn you on.
Er, um, yeah.
"Let's Do It Again," Staple Singers
"You Sexy Thing," Hot Chocolate
"Let's Stay Together," Al Green

Honestly, if you're a woman wanting to pull lil ol' me, dump the wine and go for the Al Green box set.

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.
"Walking On Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves
"Mmmbop," Hanson
"Tupelo Honey," Van Morrison
"Don't Dream It's Over," Crowded House

I'm quite vulnerable to the pop hook.

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.
FIVE? FIVE? No way in hell I can do five. I can barely narrow it down to 20 CDs for the desert island, and you want only five songs? I'll just name the first five songs that come into my head from the list.
"Be Thankful For What You've Got," William DeVaughn
"Sandusky," Uncle Tupelo
"Caroline," Concrete Blonde
"Distant Sun," Crowded House
"Persuasion," Richard Thompson

Literally, that's the first five. The real list would probably be 100+. Oh heck, here's another five:
"Time After Time/Red Rain/S. Central Rain," REM
"Self-Made Trap," 77's
"You Can Make A Killing," Aimee Mann
"Daytripper," Beatles
"Reservations," Wilco