And we're here

46 words written by dylan
Posted May 30, 2003 @ 10:01 AM

I think all the name servers have been switched over. The site should now be less flaky and more bakey. :)

Meanwhile, Dubya seems to be in a mood to move on with France. Please let this be the end of freedom fries and freedom kissing.


  1. Nice site, Dylan!

    I just have one question. The site is called "Client and Server", and there are Dylan and Susan icons on the right side of the header. Which one of y'all is the client, and which one is the server?

    (If this question breaks up y'all's marriage, I DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITY!)


    Posted by: Steve Casburn | June 2, 2003 09:38 AM

  2. I am made at you.

    (BTW, Client and Server is this idea I've had in my head forever to open a English-pub-cum-Internet-cafe, The Client And The Server.)

    Posted by: dw | June 5, 2003 12:29 AM