Any questions?

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Posted May 09, 2004 @ 10:21 PM
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Here are the questions I've sent out.


  1. How did you get into web design and web development? Was it by accident or design?
  2. If you could replace all the Muzak in the world with your favorites, what artists/styles would you choose?
  3. Give your pitch for the world's worst reality TV series.
  4. Your 30th birthday is this year. Any regrets about your 20s? Are your approaching your thirties with optimism or pessimism?
  5. Any food allergies or aversions we need to know about?


  1. Many of your favorite movies (Natural Born Killers, Seven, Casino) have very graphic scenes of violence. What do you think that says about you?
  2. If given a choice, would you rather be forced to give up mustard, mayonnaise, or ketchup?
  3. What are the lessons you've learned from blogging your life?
  4. If your life was a movie, what artists would contribute songs to the soundtrack? Who would compose the score?
  5. Would you recommend that people move to Seattle or not?


  1. What should I know about you, since I don't know you?
  2. If you could make the entire world read one book, what book?
  3. Corn: On the cob, whole kernel, creamed, or pop?
  4. If you could have any person in history give your eulogy, who would you choose?
  5. Where (professionally || socially || physically) do you hope to be in five years?

Kat (pt. 2)

  1. Now that you're self-employed, what life routines have you changed?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Even though you'll never allow yourself to have kids, what names would you consider if you did?
  4. If you could expunge anything dumb you've ever said to anyone, what would it be?
  5. Peter Sellers or Sean Connery?


  1. well, here's mine....

    Posted by: Elaine | May 10, 2004 04:41 PM

  2. let me try that with a real link: my answers

    Posted by: Elaine | May 10, 2004 04:42 PM

  3. so, no links at all?

    Posted by: Elaine | May 10, 2004 04:49 PM

  4. I'm such a goon because I love this game until it's my turn to ask questions. I never was good at figuring out what to say playing truth or dare as a kid and I'm no good at it now.

    Posted by: samantha | May 10, 2004 08:45 PM

  5. Yeah, no links, sorry. Too many spams with URLs.

    Posted by: dw | May 10, 2004 09:34 PM

  6. So, Samantha dear, does this mean you're playing or no?

    Posted by: dw | May 10, 2004 09:35 PM

  7. Oh sure, what the heck.

    Posted by: samantha | May 11, 2004 10:41 PM