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Posted July 22, 2004 @ 03:30 PM
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So George and Becky are doing a weekend jaunt to the Emerald, er, Golden Brown City this weekend. I tell George, "It's going to be HAWT in Seattle this weekend -- 90F on Saturday." George says, "But this shouldn't be hot to you two." True, but in Oklahoma, we had the air conditioning running full blast from May to September. Ditto Susan's family in Alabama (although they never had the 100+F fun the Oklahoma summer provides.)

In Seattle, there are no residental air conditioners. The malls and theaters have them, as do most large businesses and institutions. But I know of no one in Seattle proper with even a window air conditioner. The reasoning is simple: Why spend $150 on a window unit that you'll use eight days a year? So, we grit our teeth, load up on lemonade, and hit the malls and mountains. (Last year, on a very hot Saturday, I was jonesing for limeade. Went to QFC at 2pm in the afternoon, and there was no frozen limeade -- or lemonade. The entire case was empty.)

The current prediction for Saturday's high is 96F. That's 4 degrees short of the all-time record for Seattle: 100F. And George will be here for the full experience of H-A-W-T in Seattle -- the lack of A/C, the complaining of the locals, the sudden explosive ripening of the blackberries triggered by the harsh sun and dry conditions. Meanwhile, we are going to an afternoon wedding. No air conditioning, of course. Hopefully, the bride and groom will think of their guests and go double-time on the vows.


  1. The worst part of this is it's supposed to top out at 75 today in Los Angeles... that's so unfair. :)

    Posted by: ben | July 23, 2004 06:42 AM