C&S Is Five

300 words written by dylan
Posted July 24, 2005 @ 10:15 PM

I walked out of the dotcom on June 14, 2000. On June 21, I walked in and handed the boss a resignation letter (with just "I resign effective today" on it), grabbed my stuff, and headed home.

The dotcoms were still hiring at what would turn out to be an impossible-to-maintain rate; by the time I had actually quit I'd already had 3 interviews (and 2 more scheduled the following week). By my count I show 14 e-mail nibbles from agencies and companies in the two weeks I was unemployed. One problem, though. I didn't have a website.

I pored over domain names all that weekend. I decided that I didn't want my name registered -- too obvious. Most every idea I came up with had already been taken. There was one exception.

You see, I thought that with my dotcom wealth, whatever that was, I would open up a combination English style pub and Internet cafe, maybe with a B&B upstairs. I was thinking pub quiz nights, maybe some live music, and a lot of computers with waterproof covers. And the pub, as an ode to the old "and" signs of pubs (e.g. the Bird and Baby) and to the industry that paid my way there, would be The Client And Server.

So, on July 24, 2000, clientandserver.com was born, a placeholder for the little dream I had.

Five years on, the dotcoms are gone, the wealth is gone, but the family is bigger, the dream remains (albeit deferred a little while longer), and clientandserver.com has turned into my every-so-often blog.

So, raise your glasses to a dream deferred and a website that's a little too blue.

And today, the word "The" finally gets appended to the front of the blog name, and the updated template finally comes online.


  1. Huzzah!

    Posted by: Dave | July 25, 2005 09:01 AM

  2. Long live C&S

    Posted by: Jeffrey L. Tindall | August 1, 2005 12:16 AM