Epidemiology: A True Story

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Posted December 10, 2005 @ 09:50 PM
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Wednesday: A kid at Annabel's daycare vomits on her, covering her coat and hat with sick. (They were playing on the playground.) Dad picks her up from daycare, is told of the incident, and handed bag of clothes. Apparently, Annabel got none of the sick on her skin, but the coat and hat were pretty vile smelling. Dad takes coat and hat, puts them in washer, then goes and washes his hands.

Thursday: Dad discovers that he did not wash his hands all that well. Health takes a dive during the day. Mom stays at home with Annabel because daughter is sick -- not from the nausea moment but from a sinus infection. Dad's health finally bottoms out that night with his own sick episode that leaves the bathroom a mess. Dad tries to clean bathroom and hands Mom the bathmat to be put in the washer. Mom puts bathmat in washer and washes her hands.

Friday: Mom discovers that she did not wash her hands all that well. Health takes a dive during the day. Eventually, it ends in tears and more bathroom messes. Annabel still recovering from sinus infection, but no stomach sick... yet. Dad starts to recover, having lost four pounds in 24 hours.

Saturday: Mom has lost five pounds in 24 hours and spends day on couch snoozing and drinking Gatorade. Dad finally announces return to solid foods. Annabel starting to get over sinus infection, but still no vomiting.

In summary:
The person who was vomited on, as of this writing, was not made sick by the vomit.
The people who cleaned up the vomit were made sick by the vomit.

Strange luck.

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