Leap Day

144 words written by dylan
Posted March 01, 2008 @ 11:34 AM

Hello again.

Last night at her cheese unveiling party, Carolyn complained that I didn't blog to this site enough.

"But all I'd ever post about is Annabel, and people who aren't family don't want to read about my kid."

"Well, remember when I interviewed Defective Yeti? He said his most popular posts are about The Squirrelly."

So. I offer you the following conversation with Ms. AB, aged 3, re: Leap Day.

ME: Tomorrow is Leap Day.
AB: Leap Day?
ME: What do you do on Leap Day?
ME: Really.
AB: And you wear BUNNY RABBIT EARS on your head!

PS: If I say I don't know anything about movies and will suck at your party game, I'm just being kind and don't want to crush you in an embarrassing fashion in front of the other guests.

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