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October 31, 2001

Off to Boston

Off to Boston tomorrow, hopefully not to be killed by Bin Laden and his grudge against Cambridge. Here's the playlist on my RioVolt for the trip.

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OK, this is getting too scary. Anthrax on a Seattle-bound flight?
Meanwhile, Hanson must be getting poor.
And to Kat: It's not pathetic. They are just donuts, though.

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October 30, 2001


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Avolo is now down to 14 people. Another company I interviewed at during the layoff -- in fact, company number one. A bunch of plane geeks who thought they were doing the right thing by having a big, cheap open office. Probably feels awfully empty when you have 14 employees. I wouldn't have fit, anyway. Too far south, and their tech VP had a problem with me, which as best as I could tell was that I showed up in the middle of his nap time.

Posted by dylan at 11:57 AM

We have a terrorist threat.

We have a terrorist threat. We can't tell you where, or how, or when, or anything. But there is one. Be on the lookout. Oh wait, we can tell you it might be Bin Laden. Probably. It might be a number of things. So be on the lookout for something happening sometime somewhere.

Real comforting to know that the US public is in the loop, isn't it?

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Here is the Bioterrorism FAQ I am keeper of in my job. With the continued rise in anthrax cases (although none outside of the original three areas, happily) we need to be rational and calm, yet vigilant.

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October 25, 2001


I realized how Joycian my use of the web is when I looked at what I've looked at in the last ten minutes:

Why you shouldn't microwave your mail
Should I set up Blogback?
Whatever happened to the October Project?
Bill's quest for world domination moves on
The current Daypop top 40 most blogged links
Gaydar has arrived!

Speaking of literature, I've been plodding through The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I'm waiting for the payoff in this one. It's an interesting book, it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's a kind of tone poem, a riff on comics and the comic book industry's birth.

I am quite enjoying the new Ben Folds CD, Rockin' the Suburbs. Ben Folds is a direct descendant of the Billy Joel piano-driven music that dominated the late 70s - early 80s as disco was busy dying and punk was picking up a synthesizer. The one difference is that Ben Folds isn't trying all that hard to be earnest; he has a great Gen-X sense of irony.

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October 24, 2001


Jerry Falwell is making money off his idiotic comments of last month. People like him make me ashamed to be a Christian.

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Bit of Spam

A bit of spam I got:
This offer is brought to you by LANGUAGETEACHER.COM.
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Perhaps this might be of interest to you. If not, please disregard.

(sales pitch deleted)

has adopted a strict "no-spam" Privacy Policy for all e-mail
communications. We are against the sending of unsolicited e-mail (Spam)
and have made every effort to discourage and prohibit the sending of
WOW, so MUCH effort expended on keeping me from getting spam. Maybe you guys should get together with our state's anti-spam people and work together. Tell you what, I'll contact them for you!

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October 23, 2001

Harry Potter Is The AntiChrist

The Harry Potter Is The AntiChrist stuff is ramping up.

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October 21, 2001


Something I said in another place:

"If need be, I will fight for the right of a braless unwashed hippie chick to decry everything about America. Why? Because, damnit, she has the right to, and that is what makes our country great, not flags, not Lee Greenwood crap songs, not cheesy tribute websites. Every person in this country has the right to speak their minds without fear -- something every Middle Eastern/Central Asian Muslim craves and Bin Laden and the Taliban refuses to give them."

I'm not exactly a reactionary conservative. A Roosevelt Republican, perhaps. But I'm not a wave the flag sort of person. Still, I know we have certain fundamental rights we take for granted in this country, e.g. free speech, freedom to travel, privacy. We live a country, screwed up though it is, that still makes people risk their lives to get inside its borders.

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