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November 27, 2001

I'll catch hell from my

I'll catch hell from my Japanese ex-co-workers for this, but oh well.

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November 26, 2001

I'm sorry, but I see

I'm sorry, but I see no problem with a nation of dweebs. Then again, I am an outed geek.

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November 24, 2001

We won. Big. 62-36. I'm

We won. Big. 62-36. I'm still in shock. So are the Husker faithful. Now, we're off to Dallas to face Oklahoma for the first time since '99, a team that hasn't beaten us since Ronald Reagan was forgetting the final days of his second term.

I'm at a complete loss for words. I mean, it was an absolute arse-kicking.

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November 19, 2001

Saw Harry Potter this weekend.

Saw Harry Potter this weekend. I enjoyed it; a lot of people have complained about it being too close to the book, but that wasn't a problem with me, at least this time. Philosopher's Stone is more an introduction to wizardry than anything else, so it's good nothing really weird came in to the story.

A big boo to the John Williams soundtrack, though. He has really, really gotten derivative. At times the overloud, overpowering swishy music sounded like Star Wars. I kept expecting to see two suns setting in the Hogwarts sky.

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November 16, 2001

Well, Wil Wheaton finally got

Well, Wil Wheaton finally got himself into a Star Trek movie. Good on him.

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My last week

My last week:

Thursday -- Dizzy. Doctor says it's barotrauma. Gives me Flonase. But still find it hard to breathe, have some muscle aches. Go to sleep thinking I have anthrax.

Friday -- Exhausted. Doctor says it's bronchitis. Gives me Zithromax. Can barely walk to car from office when we leave early. Get home and can barely stand up. Neck hurts. Go to sleep thinking I have meningitis.

Saturday -- Wake up. Try to get out of bed. Barely can. Eventually find myself parked in front of TV. Watch Gameplan. Watch end of Auburn-Georgia game, laugh at hysterical ending. Get really short of breath, think I'm about to pass out. Lie on bed thinking that dying may not be such a bad thing. Catch breath. Start Lord Of The Rings, thinking I should stop thinking about death and more about reading all 1000 pages. Go to sleep thinking I'm going to suffocate in the night.

Sunday -- Wake up. Try to get out of bed. Sorta can. Sorta move around. World not swirling so bad. Still can't move around without immense labor. Somehow get to church in the evening. Attempt to sing, give up after one verse of first hymn. Headache, can't stand up. Zithromax side effects kick in, led by a big-ass gas bubble right about where my appendix is. Go to sleep thinking I have appendicitis.

Monday -- Wake up. Veteran's Day, so no work. WOOHOO!!!1! Try to get out of bed. Kinda can. Read more Lord Of The Rings. Now about 1/4 the way through, mostly because I'm skipping over the poems. Eat soup. Side effects getting worse; I look like a bloated dead whale. Cough. Cough. Cough. Now halfway through my bottle of Robitussin. Starting to like the taste. Toilet for the 30th time today. Go to bed thinking I have cholera.

Tuesday -- Wake up. Stay home from work. SICK DAYS R0X0R!!!1! Try to get out of bed. Mostly can. Play Civilization 3. Lose. Bad. Hate the new "limited resources" crap. Have no nuclear material, but can build nuclear subs. And I can't build, say, nuclear-powered tanks, which would be really cool. Anyway, this gets me run down. Call the doctor, begging them to tell me not to take the last Zithromax. They say I have to. Sigh. Read more Ring trilogy. Starting to get bored. I mean, they're running around getting chased and singing most of the time. First 200 pages of the book, in three sentences: "Frodo gets a ring. Frodo spends most of his time sitting around wanking when he should be running for his damn life. Frodo finally starts running for his damn life only after choosing some other hobbits to circle-jerk with and pretty much mucks up everything along the way because he's a frikkin idiot." At this moment, I'm rooting for the evil guy. Gas bubble continues to be a problem. Go to bed thinking I have appendicitis.

Wednesday -- Wake up. Try to get out of bed. Tentatively can. Decide to go to work. Spend first three hours coughing up crap and looking like I just flew in from Kandahar (I haven't shaved since all this started). Afternoon I feel better, only after some Sudafed, Advil, and cough syrup. Bubble still not popping. Arrgh. Go to reception with wife at Seattle Art Museum. Feel somewhat better. For the first time in a week, don't think I'm going to die.

Thursday -- Wake up. Try to get out of bed. Can't. Ache. Hate life. Knew that I must be well.

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November 09, 2001

Oh, my dear old town

Oh, my dear old town of Boulder, in a flap over a bunch of ceramic penises.

I feel terrible with this bronchitis and possible cold/flu thing. So long as I don't get a fever or nauseous, I wil try not to worry. Problem is, when you're sick with some sort of chest thing in a time of anthrax, you find your mind wandering to how there could be any way you got it.

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Yuck. Bronchitis.

Yuck. Bronchitis.

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November 08, 2001

Yes, three posts in a

Yes, three posts in a day. All to tell you that the USDA is finally going to back off their overly meticulous rules on, of all things, frozen pizza.

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Your Viking Name is...

"Your Viking Name is... Dýri Weaselcatcher.

"You have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards life, and tend not to expend effort in areas where it would be wasted. Other Vikings would be calling you "tree-hugging hippie peacenik" if the phrase had been invented."

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And so, the MLB contraction

And so, the MLB contraction battle is joined. We'll see if baseball's aspirations to pull the proud, mighty, and luxury stadiumless Minnesota Twins holds up. It is pure greed and blackmail as always. Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina have all refused to build them a stadium. Heck, even Charlotte, NC thumbed their nose at them. So, Selig is hoping to panic the Minnesota people into building them a new stadium. Ha.

The San Francisco Giants, faced with the same problems in the mid-decade (and many furtive attempts to move to such places as Denver, Tampa, and even Santa Clara), eventually broke down, got private financing, and built Pac Bell Park. The owners are stil lfuming about this, but there's no question that owning their own park has secured the Giants a place in San Francisco for years to come, just as the Dodgers did with Dodger Stadium.

It's interesting to note that the first publicly financed baseball stadium, Milwaukee County Stadium, lost the tenant it was built for (the Braves) a mere twelve years after getting them.

Speaking of new parks, the new Phillies park is not what I'd like -- it's near the current Vet, not in town. And while it will incorporate part of what made Shibe Park a quirky old park, it's missing the Victorian rotunda and the high right field wall.

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November 07, 2001

Good news for me --

Good news for me -- I have a mere 1.8% chance of being laid off according to the Dismal Scientist.

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November 06, 2001

Looks like the sad saga

Looks like the sad saga of Keiko is coming to an end.

Keiko will never be wild because of nearly 25 years of conditioning. What we've done is create a huge pigeon who will spend its life begging for food from fishing boats and others. To me, this whole event has been a lesson in media-driven idealism that's not grounded in any fact whatsoever. It looks good to save Keiko from the evils of the Oregon Coast Aquarium (which is a fine aquarium BTW -- we went there in 2000 while on vacation, and they turned Keiko's tank into an excellent underwater exhibit.) But what looks good may not be good. It's just hype without help.

I wish sometimes we could have a special provision of the First Amendment that would allow for freedom of the press suspended in circumstances where their endless, dollar-driven hype would hurt more people than it would help.

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November 05, 2001

Broadband isn't the pot of

Broadband isn't the pot of gold the webdiots thought it would be.

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I hated Boston. I got

I hated Boston. I got lost every time. I could have installed a GPS on my Palm, but no, I had to save money....

Only good thing I got out of Boston: An excellent bioterrorism guide from the Boston Globe.

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