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April 09, 2002

Sharon and Arafat

Two articles in the Guardian today, one on how people on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are dealing with the war, and also Ian Buruma's comment on suicide bombings and how Arafat's tacit approval of the bombers played right into Sharon's hatred of the peace process.

Arafat and Sharon deserve each other. They're already signed up as roomies in Hell.

Posted by dylan at 11:54 AM

April 07, 2002


An open letter to the "unsolicited e-mail" community:

I DON'T WANT YOUR MAIL. I WILL SUE YOU. We have an anti-unsolicited email law here in Washington, and it's been used to take down people who "automatically subscribe" people to mailing lists.

And don't give me this crap about Under Bill(s) 1618 TITLE III by the 105 US Congress, per Section 301, Paragraph(a)(2)of S. 1618, a letter cannot be considered Spam if the sender includes contact information and a method of "removal". You're not fooling anyone. Everyone knows it wasn't passed.

If I get anymore e-mail from you, I will HUNT YOU DOWN AND I WILL SUE YOU. At $500 a pop, I figure I'll have a new home entertainment system with just the spams I've received this week.

Posted by dylan at 08:36 PM

April 04, 2002

You mean I could have

You mean I could have married my cousin with little genetic risk? I should have been true to my Okie roots....

Posted by dylan at 07:18 PM

April 03, 2002

April Fool

This is the April Fool's joke I did for the school this year. A lot of people thought it was funny... but the Dean didn't. Sigh.

Posted by dylan at 01:37 PM