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October 23, 2002

Back Again

I made the local rag here, discussing my bout with anxiety. Problem is that the reporters seems to think we used "guided imagery." We didn't. Heck, it wouldn't have worked on me -- I would have fallen over laughing if anyone used the words "happy place." OTOH, the laughing would have helped the anxiety. But, yes, I really did think I had dengue at one point. How someone could get dengue while living in a marine temperate climate on the West Coast of the US was a question my brain couldn't quite compute -- which was attributable to my dengue fever!

Thankfully, after fourteen months of hell, it's all well under control. Now to work on my beer gut.

Posted by dylan at 12:46 PM

October 03, 2002

For Posterity's Sake

From the NOAA discussion of Hurricane Lili today:

a very interesting event occurred with Lili in the past 24 hours.
It intensified rapidly to a strong category four hurricane and
weakened to a category two as fast as it strengthened. There will
be many explanations after the fact...and perhaps many phd
dissertations. I am glad there will be some.... Forecaster Avila

I've always known I'm a massive weather geek, and Lili really brought it out. But, when you grow up in Oklahoma where the TV stations spend more on AdvanceVipir than on any newsgathering equipment, what do you expect?

Posted by dylan at 09:58 AM