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May 30, 2003

And we're here

I think all the name servers have been switched over. The site should now be less flaky and more bakey. :)

Meanwhile, Dubya seems to be in a mood to move on with France. Please let this be the end of freedom fries and freedom kissing.

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May 27, 2003

Moving, excuse the mess

If you're reading this, your name server got my change of address card.

I fired my previous hosting company and have gone with a new one. In the process, I also moved from Blogger to Moveable Type. Like I said before, it's not that I don't like Blogger, it's more that I need more experience working in a Linux/Perl-CGI environment, and MT gives me that opportunity.

Here's a list of what I have left to do:
-- Convert my pre-Blogger Pro archives to MT (a pain and three quarters)
-- Straighten out any missing links and pics (a lot of them, like my link to my Fotolog)
-- Restore the wedding pics to the site
-- Finish building out missing nav pieces
-- Finish with the CSS work and make the site just so cute... in a guy way, of course.

Then, I'll start creating some pages that I've long promised, like my ego-inflating vanity bio page.

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May 22, 2003

Synchronicity strikes again

Remember my long post about Throwing Muses and my freshman year of college back in February? I was trying out the CU alumni directory application and, on a whim, punch Ms. Liggett's name into the system. Oh, dear, Lawd.
She lives in Seattle. Looked her up in the phone book; she lives across the Canal from work. Now I'm afraid I'll run into her. I mean, I probably have. Her last listed place of work in the alum directory just happens to be a firm that the company for whom I was running web projects used to build some Flash animations back in the day. I'm not sure what to do with all this. I mean, I don't like her. After twelve years, I really don't want to be within 30 feet of her. But, I've lived in this dear ol' city for eight years now. I've never run into her. With the odds the way they are, I should be fine. I just don't want to deal with the harsh days of spring 1991 again.
And then... I log into EMusic tonight and discover that I can download the new Throwing Muses album, the very album that triggered the blog wherein I talked about Margot Liggett. Eerie.

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May 19, 2003

Congratulations, you're a...

first cousin once removed. Kenen Everett Moore, born today at 0950 CDT in Texas, is the son of my mother's brother's daughter and her husband. We lost the great-granchild pool, but it's not like that was a goal for either of us in life. We'll get around to kids soon enough.

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May 17, 2003

Democratic strategy: oxymoron?

I was reading Hasty's commentary on Calpundit's Democratic victory strategy for 2004: Run as the gay rights party. I think it's an interesting strategy, since it would be the perfect wedge issue between ordinary Americans and the Falwell/Robertson Right. No one in this country wants to be seen as a bigot, so of course they'd support a small measure, maybe just employment discrimination protection for gays and lesbians, and look askance at Jerry Falwell foaming at the mouth.

Poli Sci 101 taught me that the parties, by nature, will start an election cycle towards the farther ends of their spectrum. The reason is that you need to build momentum among your own radical faithful before you can start appealing to moderate, independent Americans -- the rank and file of this country. By then, it's too late for your radicals to get off your bandwagon, and if they do, you remind them of the horrors that your opponent will bring upon the nation. Gay men teaching your children how to perform abortions. June Cleaver types who will forcibly baptize your children and teach them how to kill abortion providers.

This cycle is looking very odd, though -- the GOP is about to tear itself apart, and yet it will more than likely make gains in Nov 2004. Dubya is the GOP's Jimmy Carter -- woefully inept in the areas of concern of most Americans -- and yet is the American Churchill. The neo-cons and the Christian conservatives can't stand each other, but both sides know that as long as they play nice they will not lose.

If, by some miracle, the Dems score an upset in 2004, the GOP will fall apart very quickly. Whatever formula the Dems use to win will become the new consistency of the party for the next generation. The GOP will collapse into different factions, the fiscal conservatives against the neo-cons against the social conservatives. The group that can strike a chord with rank-and-file moderates will become the new GOP. I think it's even possible we'll see a small but viable third party.

But, I'm doubtful the Dems have a chance. They so relied on the chutzpah and charisma of Clinton that they've created a leadership vacuum. That they are so antagonistic towards Dubya shouldn't be a surprise -- most Dems didn't vote for Gore, they voted against Dubya. Now, the very nightmare they feared would happen is here, and they've turned inward because they don't have a Churchill to offer the average Democrat.

Yet, they could win. The GOP is just about letting them. If they allow Ann Coulter within 10 feet of the convention dais next year, they are toast. DeLay ran JC Watts out of Washington because he didn't meet the acid test of conservatism, i.e., he didn't think affirmative action was such a bad thing. The districting issue in Texas drives home the GOP's indifference to the states and desire to run over local democracy in favor of a national oligarchy of power. And there's always the "Bush to states: drop dead" issue -- Dubya won't give any assistance to the states and is letting them flush higher ed and social programs. I mean, look at all those juicy issues. Get a Dem candidate who can frame those up in a congenial yet sober package, toss in some promises to his followers, and you get the White House back.

But, it won't happen. Karl Rove won't let it happen. He slid the convention back to coincide with 9/11 so as to guarantee momentum into the election. They have enough dirty tricks up their sleeve to take out 90% of the US population in a presidential election. It's almost a foregone conclusion. We're moving towards a Executive branch dictatorship with the media companies as their mouthpieces. It could well mean a generation of Republican rule simply because no one else will have the resources to challenge them. And there's the great GOP irony: They strongly support the freedom of the individual, but they'll gladly allow corporations to run over those freedoms if it means capital. They may well become the very dictatorships and crony-states they so despise.

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May 15, 2003

Marscapone Cheese

Not good on its own. Bleah. Threw together a strawberry and port tart tonight. However, it seems too liquidy; I don't think it's going to set up right. Should have used the marscapone to make it more of a custard, but I didn't.

In other news, Bumbershoot gives me many good reasons to stay in town for Labor Day: REM, Wilco, Nickel Creek, De La Soul, Rhett Miller....

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May 14, 2003

Ireland, 1998

I'm not going to repost what I did on my Fotolog (update: fixed the link -- sometimes I elide things when I'm typing), so go read it there.

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May 13, 2003

Site movement continues

I'm still trying to get everything set up on my site for a weekend switchover. I was considering yet another redesign of the site, but we'll see. One of the nice things about Moveable Type is that, unlike Blogger, you can use plugins.

I hate headaches.

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May 12, 2003


10 minute project at work turned into a 4.5 hour epic. I really, really need to learn SQL.

CMT put out its 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music today,
but there's a heavy weight towards the post-1980 Urban Cowboy pop country. More
like 60 Great Country Songs and 40 OK Pop Songs. I keep thinking that if Hank
Sr were to come back he'd beat the snot out of Toby Keith -- right after his
fourth bottle of Wild Turkey.

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Aside to George

What's with all this bull about the Red Sox? Last I looked, your "adopted" team had the same record as
the A's and M's, and they haven't come west yet. I'm sensing a long summer in Boston.

And anyway, you're from outside Philly. Where's your Phillies support? They're contending!

You're moving to the West Coast, anyway. Will you buy your Giants cap at SFO when you arrive, or did you already get it mail-order?


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Moving to Moveable Type...

Now that the black dog is finally off my shoulder (yes, this is a Manics reference) I find myself no longer so depressed that I hate web design. The bottled creativity is exploding like champagne bottles in a saber factory. In the past two weeks I've pushed forward on the work site redesign -- I'm probably only two days of coding from having a final proof after sitting on the design for two months, er, years. I put together a wedding website for some about to be nuptialed friends. And now... I'm firing my former web hosting company and moving to a new one, swapping IIS for Linux in the process. That's right, I'm swapping ASP for PHP, Access for MySQL, the comfort of Microsoft for the challenge of open-source.

In the process, I'm also working on shifting from Blogger to Moveable Type. It's not that I don't love Blooger. I love Blogger. But, I decided I want more control, and I need the challenge. I think I'll also set Susan up with something, either with my Blogger account or a MoveableType setup. She's been hinting that she's been looking at getting a LiveJournal, so I need to intervene soon....

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May 08, 2003

Sign Lady!

For you regular readers out there (Kat, Ben, Mark, James, George, wifey, and the person from Austria who keeps showing up in my site stats), you'll remember the horror I suffered when I discovered that Sign Lady wasn't at any M's game we attended this year. Tonight, lo and behold, there she was! So I went down and took a picture of her.
Rita, the Sign Lady
Her name is Rita. She was terribly embarrassed, but she was a good sport about it (especially being accosted by a nutjob such as myself), and I think the picture turned out fine.

There's a larger version on my fotolog.

As for the game, well, yuck. Only one game. Who cares about the season series -- what's important is taking four of seven from the Yankees in October.

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May 06, 2003

Like father...

like daughter. And daughter.

This is as much a surprise as Clinton having an affair. Can't wait to see how they spin this.

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May 05, 2003

William Bennett

His gambling days are over, so he says. Moral issues and possible hypocrisy aside, let's consider one interesting aspect of all this: Bill Bennett sucked at gambling. I mean, sucked like a Hoover. Like I've done better with gambling than he has. OK, so I've only played the slots once, and I walked off with $20. And I did break even at the horse track the only time I went. And I've lost my share in March Madness pools. But, on the whole, I'm winning 30-40% of the time, meaning I'm still a lifetime loser, but not like Bill Bennett.

One report has him dropping $8 million over the years. $8 million. There are charities out there extolling and performing his "virtues" that would seriously kill for $8M. I'm not one who can judge him on this, but I question why he really needs to drop $8M when he could lose it to organzations that could do some real good in this world. It seems awfully inconsiderate and wasteful. He claims it was under control, but $8M either means it wasn't or he was acting like a fat cat and spent some money to get his ego stroked.

We all have our quirks and foibles and secret sins, though, so judge not lest ye be judged. Or, you can be Michael Kinsley.

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May 04, 2003

I should shift my job

I always do better with building sites from about 11pm to 3am, and I'm probably at my nadir from 11am to 3pm. I don't think they'll let me shift my work schedule twelve hours, though.

Why was I up so late? I was finishing a wedding present for two old about-to-be married friends.

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May 02, 2003

Happy Friday, Part 3

I never do the Friday Five, but since this one is about music:
1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.
Sigh. "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. DAMN YOU DIANE WARREN!!!!

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.
Since I only cry when I'm depressed, and I only listen to OK Computer when I'm depressed, it would have to be "Let Down."

3. Name three songs that turn you on.
Er, um, yeah.
"Let's Do It Again," Staple Singers
"You Sexy Thing," Hot Chocolate
"Let's Stay Together," Al Green

Honestly, if you're a woman wanting to pull lil ol' me, dump the wine and go for the Al Green box set.

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.
"Walking On Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves
"Mmmbop," Hanson
"Tupelo Honey," Van Morrison
"Don't Dream It's Over," Crowded House

I'm quite vulnerable to the pop hook.

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.
FIVE? FIVE? No way in hell I can do five. I can barely narrow it down to 20 CDs for the desert island, and you want only five songs? I'll just name the first five songs that come into my head from the list.
"Be Thankful For What You've Got," William DeVaughn
"Sandusky," Uncle Tupelo
"Caroline," Concrete Blonde
"Distant Sun," Crowded House
"Persuasion," Richard Thompson

Literally, that's the first five. The real list would probably be 100+. Oh heck, here's another five:
"Time After Time/Red Rain/S. Central Rain," REM
"Self-Made Trap," 77's
"You Can Make A Killing," Aimee Mann
"Daytripper," Beatles
"Reservations," Wilco

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Happy Friday, part 2

Turns out yesterday was Loyalty Day, established back in the Red-hating Fifties as a counter to the Communist/Labor May Day. Talk about a holiday past its sell-by date.

Fact I never knew: the May date of Labor Day is connected with the Haymarket bombing. Most scholars believe that the Haymarket bombing was the first recorded incident of urban terrorism on American soil.

Still just a boring day under the eye of Ashcroft.

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Happy Friday

I don't really have anything to say. My week's been pretty boring. I think I've just been avoiding the world and its litany of SARS, college coaches gone wild, and presidential grandstanding.

After 18 months, I'm coming to accept that the world that existed before 9/11 is gone and cannot be restored. I wish it would, though. I don't like this version of the world.

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