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April 14, 2004

Hope Fades Eternal

I don't know why I bother even caring about the Mariners this year. Unlucky? Inept? Probably both.

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April 11, 2004

Happy Easter!


About 15 minutes after this was taken, Annabel spit up all over the outfit.

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April 07, 2004

Still recovering from the birth

I will write up everything in the next few days. The postage stamp version:
-- Forceps birth
-- 64 1/2 hours in the hospital, 55+ hours of contractions, two days of active labor, three hours of pushing before Annabel was born
-- If it could go wrong, it probably did, though we avoided a C-section
-- All are well, though it was a hell of a ride

I've posted a few pictures on the Fotolog. If I get time tomorrow I'll get pics up here as well.

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April 06, 2004

Annabel Charlotte Wilbanks

Born 4:23am PDT on Tuesday morning (April 6). 7 lbs, 6 oz weight, 20" length.

It was, well, not fun in the least, and neither Mom nor Dad have slept since 7am on Monday morning.

Full story and pictures when I'm not exhausted.

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April 05, 2004

Going active

We're now in active labor. Maybe we'll see a baby today after all.

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The waiting is the hardest part

So, we've restarted the induction process this morning. Midwives are optimistic about today, but since my optimism has been shot, I think we're just here for the duration.

Today is Opening Day. Maybe the Player was waiting for it?

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April 04, 2004

...and waiting...

We've shut down for the night. Susan, despite 12 hours of the prostaglandin gel and an entire day of pitocin, is still only 4cm dilated. She's also exhausted. So, we talked to the midwife and all agreed that the best thing to do would be to shut off the pitocin for the night and let her get some sleep. Tomorrow, they'll try breaking the bag of waters and go from there. Breaking the water puts us on the clock -- no baby in 24 hours, automatic C-section. So, it's really Plan C (no pun intended).

We've now been in hospital for 34 hours, and we're looking at least another 24 more.

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Still waiting

We've been at it a day now, and no baby yet. They're optimistic about the baby coming today. I hope so. Both of us are exhausted.

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April 03, 2004

Well, here we go

Off to the hospital to get labor induced.

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April 02, 2004

Blog-monic Convergance

Follow along:
I met Samantha through Fotolog. Samantha dates Jeff. Samantha and Jeff had dinner with Tom (and his woman) the other night. Today, Tom had lunch with Tim Jarrett. Tim went to Sloan with George Chang. George also went to Penn... with Susan, to whom I am married.

Me -> Samantha -> Jeff -> Tom -> Tim -> George -> Susan -> Me

I'm my own blogroll. And yet, I never get any lunch or dinner invites.

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