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October 30, 2004

New cell phone time

So our bad cell phone company has been swallowed up by SatanTel. We feel like it's time for a new cell phone plan.

Here's what we need:
2 lines, family plan
Local plan, but upgradable to national plan on a temporary basis for travelling
Camera phones would be nice
Works in Oklahoma and rural east central Alabama

Suggestions, people?

UPDATE: We've gone with T-Mobile. Thanks for the advice.

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October 26, 2004

George Benson dies

One of the greatest politicos (and possibly the greatest city council member) in Seattle history has died.

I met him a few times while Susan worked for the School of Pharmacy. He was a genial, polite man who was always happy to see you. As a council member he campaigned for transportation (especially the waterfront trolley) and small business.

In his later years his wife Evelyn spoke and acted for him as Parkinson's ate away at him. The story goes that Evelyn was the only girl who was willing to go on dates with George on the trolleys rather than in cars.

To quote a maligned song by a maligned band, "Sometimes I despair/the word will never see another man/like him."

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October 24, 2004

Ballot Time

In which I summarize which circles I filled in on my absentee ballot then go hide under a rock into this disaster of an election season is finally, finally over... in January.

President: Kerry, reluctantly. I don't really like him, think his "I have a plan" mantra speaks of a guy who cram all day January 19 to get a plan, and don't really know if he has a grasp on what it's going to take to win the war on terror. However, I'd take four years of muddled fumbling for directions over another four years of the straight-off-the-cliff driving of Bush. Iraq was useless distraction from the greater war on terror, a war with a noble cause (getting that crackhead Saddam out of there) fought under illegitimate grounds (Niger ring a bell?) by a Coalition of Tony Orlando and Dawn (US, UK, Australia, special guest star Poland, and 100 countries who polled their money to send the armies a Pick-Me-Up bouquet). Oh, just another anti-war liberal hippie? Not at all. I supported kicking Saddam's ass, I just thought the Bush method was idiotic and stupid.

Three more things:

Senator: Patty Murray. She's done a good job and is her own person. George Nethercutt has spent his last years in the "other Washington" stealing his state delegation's ideas and claiming as his own. Opportunists never make good senators.

Governor: Christine Gregoire, though it wasn't a strong choice. She's another non-entity governor, but she has more experience than Dino Rossi, and Rossi's claiming his "business experience" will make him a better governor... even though he's been in the state house for the last 10+ years and was apparently not that good a real estate broker before then.

House, Seventh District: Nobody. Baghdad Jim McDermott making us look like a bunch of idiots versus Carol Cassady, certified idiot. I wish McDermott would retire.

Lieutenant Governor: Brad Owen. In this state, lieutenant governors do, uh, nothing except collect a paycheck. Don't see any reason to turn Owen out.

Sec. State: Jacqueline Passey. Yes, I'm voting for a Libertarian, one that is a polar opposite to my religious and social views. But she's the right choice here, since she's calling for things like receipts on electronic ballot machines and instant-runoff voting.

And now, this year's intiatives:
I-872, aka the Louisiana top-two primary system: I'm a-voting yes. I like political chaos. :)
I-884, aka 1% for education: I'm voting no. It sounds great, but our sales tax in Seattle is already 8.6%, and with this we'll be close to 10% with this measure. This is an attempt to fix the problems of five years ago when the state teacher's association shoved the mandatory teacher pay increases and smaller class size intiatives down our throats without funding them. No, I'm not going for it, sorry. You mucked with the budget too much already.
I-892, aka Tim Eyman suckles at the teat of the gambling concern: No, no, no, no, no. Increased gambling means increased crime. There's a bar two blocks away that can get one-armed bandits if this measure passes. If so, how long until a bunch of compulsive gamblers come up the street to steal my change out of my car, sending my car insurance even higher? Oh, they say, but your property taxes will be lower. So? That $30 I'll save won't cover my comprehensive deductible.
R-55, aka charter schools: That would be a yes. We need more innovation in education, and charter schools will open the door to that.
I-297, aka Clean Up Hanford: Yup. It basically tells the Feds to clean up the radioactive mess already there before you import any more waste to store there. Don't see anything wrong with that.

And finally:
Seattle I-83, aka Let's Vote On The Monorail For the FOURTH Time: No no no no. I am TIRED of voting on the Monorail. Can we STOP now? Please? A yes vote will mean ANOTHER vote, maybe TWO to fix the mess that this vote to stop the monorail will cause, all while the tax keeps on getting collected. And what's their plan with the Monorail money? Build a regional transportation system. That's right. Take tax money collected only in Seattle and spend it IN BELLEVUE. And this even after their "we already got a regional system" commercials. They're killing a transportation system for West Seattle and Ballard because the Rainier Valley is getting a train. Yeah, I see the logic in that. It's like saying the elderly in Iowa don't need flu shots because we gave them all to babies in Kentucky.

And that's all. I'm finished with politics for another two years.

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October 23, 2004

Pining for the Fjords


Yes, I'm still alive.

I have had nothing to blog about. Politics? Stupid. Baseball? Despite my hatred for the Yankees, there's not much to add about Boston's comeback. Baby? Diaper rash. Want me to describe it? Yeah, thought so.

Work? I never talk about it on here. There were changes at work. I had a larger workload. I got some things right and botched others. Now my workload is shrinking.

I'll try to post more in the next few days, but there's just not a lot to talk about.

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