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December 31, 2004

Back from Okieland

Annabel spent her first Christmas with her paternal grandmother. Once I find the camera I'll upload many pictures to her site.

Tulsa, to me, feels more and more like a giant, amorphous suburb in search of a direction. Ever since the oil bust of the mid-80s it has tried to divest itself of the petroleum industry that built it, but the high paying jobs just aren't in the blue collar micro-factories, Christian non-profits, and trucking companies that filled the gap. When I was 10, my school friends' parents were white-collar engineers and executives. Now, it seems like the only white-collar jobs are in medicine, banking, and architecture. With I-69 being routed through western Arkansas, Tulsa may end up being bypassed altogether.

Tulsa does has some damn fine architecture, though. If it does get bypassed, in twenty years all the glorious Art Deco buildings will be rediscovered and suck in busloads of tourists. In essence, Tulsa is about to turn into the Bruges of the mid-21st century.

Expect a flurry of posts today. There are a few in the queue.

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December 16, 2004


The Mariners sign this year's crown jewel free agent to a 5 year contract.

It almost makes up for them signing the gimpy guy yesterday.

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December 15, 2004

Christmas Letter 2004

The Christmas letter is up. You can comment about it here if you wish.

It took six hours of work, two of which were spent searching for a background that worked. In the end, I just did some stripes. And the drop caps are all screwed up -- anyone want to tell me how to get them to work in Firefox and IE?

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December 06, 2004

Dear Spammers

Using the following line in your comment spam does not make me want to approve your little advertisement:

"What other problems do you have besides being unemployed, a moron and a dork?"

Please keep this in mind the next time you deluge my little blog with 100 or so spam postings. And oh, MT-Blacklist is doing a marvelous job of stopping those 100 spams from seeing the light of the Google day. So... piss off.

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December 02, 2004

Running out of ideas

OK, not really. I have a few long posts in my head, but they're taking a long time to gel, and I'm not making the time to get them out on this blog. Some of it will be controversial (meaning that someone besides Ben will comment on it). Eventually, though, the blog will out. And the 2004 best of in music post will show up in another week or two.

In the meantime... let's try this. You know that interview game meme I keep recycling? Why don't y'all ask me questions. Just put it in a comment and we'll go from there.

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December 01, 2004

Welcome to December

Baby: Sick, cold, ear infection, cold, 12 days running.

Me: Dog-sick, intermittent laryngitis, coughing up stuff that looks like a new primordial life form, 8 days running.

Wife: Not sick, but definitely tired of baby and husband being sick.

One holiday down, one to go.

Christmas cards on order from the Met Store (official Wilbanks Christmas card supplier four years running.) Decorations... need to go get them out of storage. Presents partially bought. Working on a Christmas mix CD of non-traditional carols. I can make you a copy if you'd like.

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