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May 28, 2005

Annabel from above

Annabel running through the park
Annabel from above
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To try and break up the cabin fever, Annabel and I headed down to Carkeek Park this evening. She was her usual falling over stick eating self, and she also had her first encounter with Puget Sound (and thus the ocean). More photos on Flickr.

I may be shifting more pics over to Flickr as time goes on. It won't replace Annabel's page, just give people another way to view them.

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May 24, 2005

Born Slippy

It appears that Susan has slipped a disk and is pretty much incapacitated. She can barely move without excruciating pain, much less pick up Annabel.

So, it looks like I'll be taking care of two girls for the duration. Luckily for me, I have about a week and a half of sick days to play with.

Anyone who wants to come over and keep us company this week is more than welcome. BYOB, and dinner if you're so kind.

Actually, not a slipped disc, but instead severe back spasms. So, we're stuck here in this hot house, probably for the entire weekend. Cabin fever... catch it!

(I'm really not kidding about the "come see us" part.)

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May 21, 2005

Sea-town Love/Hate

This August is the tenth anniversary of when I packed up my truck and came out to Seattle. The previous sentence serves as an explanation and useless excuse for the following newly made up local meme:

Five Things I Love About Seattle

  1. You can listen to KEXP on your car radio, over the air, for free. No XM, no Sirius, no in-car web connection.
  2. For all the talk about Seattle and coffee, the truth is that it's less about the coffee and more about the coffeehouse. Coffeehouses are what bars are in Milwaukee or diners in Wichita -- places you go to talk over a beverage. So, you have all these small, family-friendly community centers spread throughout the city, places for meetups, book clubs, romance, community organization.... Even in customized, individual American society Seattle can offer meatspace community.
  3. Intelligence, bookishness, and nerdiness are highly valued traits. I'd go so far as to say a geek is more likely to go home from a bar with a "companion" at night than a jock is. Marian the Librarian would be fought over by Microsoft developers. 76 trombones? Try 76 server clusters went online (with 102 tape drives backing them up).
  4. Public art and architecture that leans more to the whimsical than to moderne. Oklahoma City wouldn't know what to do with Hammering Man. The new library wouldn't get out of committee in most American cities.
  5. When the weather's nice, life and work slow down, if not stop. In the last ten years I've seen the stop-for-a-nice-day attitude fade, but you still see businessmen (tie and slacks) walking Green Lake on a workday afternoon during the One Sunny Week In The Winter.

Five Things I Hate About Seattle

  1. No Mexican food of any quality. Barbeque to Seattleites involves a bag of Kingsford and a metal grill. No Sonic or Chik-Fil-A. And no biscuits and gravy for breakfast. (No grits either, so at least one positive about the anathema to Southern cooking.)
  2. Yes, it does rain all fall-winter-spring, and when it's not raining it's steel grey. The whole town has seasonal affective disorder to some degree. Someone once suggested spiking the drinking water with Prozac.
  3. Yes, the people are friendly, but friendliness ends at hello. It takes years to break through the ice. Natives and semi-natives form this protective xenophobia and aloofness to protect themselves. I'm not sure what we're trying to protect ourselves from, but making friends out here is exceedingly difficult.
  4. Have I mentioned the traffic yet? It's better than it was during the height of the dotcom boom, but the driving nightmare that is the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is a better barrier to Seattle-Eastside interaction than the miles-wide lake it spans.
  5. People talk about their "rights" all the time and how they MUST be heard and DEMAND to be heard... but they shut out any views different from their own, and they let their stereotypes overrule perception and logic. During the Makah whaling protests of 1999 I heard some of the most vile racism I've ever heard coming from long-haired, Birkenstock-clad "progressive" types. The Seattle definition of "tolerance" is a very egotistical one.

I still love it here, and I'm not leaving any time soon. But this town has warts, ones you learn to accept.

What do you like/hate about Seattle (or where you live?)

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May 17, 2005


I don't have anything to talk about, so this is a "hello, I'm still alive" message.

Some short takes:
Annabel has a sinus infection, and is getting Dad's all-time favorite antibiotic, zithromax! (See why.)

The current digital camera, the A70, is starting to break down. The imager is producing these images that look more like video captures than images, especially at less than bright light. I'd love to buy this camera... but it's not like I have $950 lying around the house. I could go for the 6MP version for $750... but it's not like, well, you know. This is why there's been a lack of Annabel pictures lately, and there will probably be a lack of them until I get a better camera. The picture quality is just awful. (Of course, if a certain grandmother wanted pictures earlier, she could consider making a donation to the New Camera Fund....)

Really, not much else going on.

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May 09, 2005

Why being a Reading fan sucks

Wigan 3, Reading 1.

Two months ago, Reading led Division One The Championship. A month ago, they were in a position for a playoff spot. Sunday, they crashed out of the playoff berths and finished seventh.

In the last three years, they have failed to get promoted to the Premiership every single year, thanks to a complete inability to close the deal in the final two months of the season.

It's like being a Texas Rangers fan -- you know they're going to wilt in the August heat no matter how many games up they are on July 31, only with Reading it's the arrival of spring that washes away the Royals' hopes. The one difference is that the Rangers have at least won a playoff game in the last 10 years.

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May 08, 2005

The Party

I made a rare appearance at a party last night, hosted by the lovely Samantha. I went solo as the Sick-a-bel continues to be laid up, although she was well enough by yesterday evening that I got the all clear.

It's odd, in a way, how much like a clan the Seattle bloggers are. We all may not know each other by sight, but we know each other by URL. It's just a different kind of community than, say, the 1960s cul-de-sac or the 1900s small town. And there are some interior cliques within the clan, but at least everyone has something interesting to talk about.

I added some cam-phone shots to Flickr. Yes, I have a Flickr account. It's just taking a while for me to get all my files uploaded to it.

And Ms. Sick-a-bel is getting better. It's obvious her throat is hurting her, but she did sleep through the night.

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May 06, 2005

The Friday Sweepings

Annabel has tonsilitis, so I was home from work today dealing with Ms. Sickypants. But, you say, don't you have a stay at home wife to handle her? Of course. But stay at home wife didn't get a mere three hours of sleep like I did rocking and holding Krankerhosenkind. (Kat is either laughing or scratching her head at my horrid German.) So, I was in no condition to deal with work.

You know the last time I had tonsilitis was during the Carter administration? 25 years ago next month they took mine out because they were really, really big. And there other semi-valid reasons at the time, I think.

Speaking of work, I think I may have solved my work blogging problem. I'm in the process of setting up a work blog on my work net account.

The Mariners... bleah. They really need to start hitting, starting a week ago.

Anita has a meta-post of all the comments on the Meetup VP vs. the Seattle webloggers kerfluffle.

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May 03, 2005


letter.jpgOver the weekend, my mother sent me my letter jacket, which (I think) is the last vestige of me-stuff left in her house. Scarily, the jacket still fits, albeit a little bit snug in the shoulders.

I think I've mentioned this before on this blog, but when one Tulsan meets another, the first question isn't what they do or where they live, but what high school they went to. I've heard apocryphal stories about Memorial grads not hiring Edison or Washington grads purely on high school diploma. I don't know why it's this way, but it is.

I graduated from Edison 15 years ago, and I guess there's still some identity with the place, but my college alma mater has long sense taken precedence. Still, I get the question no matter who I run into from Tulsa (Nancy Pearl asked me the first time she met me), and saying "Edison" instantly brings back the old stereotypes -- socially connected, a little arty, rich but not as smart as the Washington/Memorial contingent.

And the jacket, honestly, is U-G-L-Y. Kelly green with white sleeves? I'd love to blame it on 80s style, but I can't.

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