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July 30, 2005

Summer in Seattle

Seattle is normally a long-sleeve town, so every year around now I see the sheer number of tattoos and think, "Huh, where did all this ink come from?" before remembering that when the heat comes on the clothes get small and things appear for all to see.

And maybe it's my age, but the tattoos... some of them are downright embarrassing. I saw one guy with Mickey Mouse ears and what I guess are his name and the name of the woman he was with ("Ron and Fifi" or something like that). Why Mickey Mouse ears? Why the hideous script?

About 80% of the tattoos I saw at the M's game today fall into a category I call "How drunk were you?" The artwork was awful, the object pretty non sequitur, the look faddish and the type of thing that you're going to regret in 10 years. And I really, really dislike Native symbols (e.g. Haida whales, soul catchers, "Cherokee dream catchers") on pasty white people whose sum total association with First Nations people is a lifelong devotion to the Cleveland Indians.

I have a number of readers with tats. I'm not calling any of you out. I just wish people would think before they drop the $100.

And Samantha, while you're sharpening your Pointy Stick of Shunning to use on me, do you know the word for the false belief that things were better when you were younger than they are now?

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July 28, 2005

Final stop

The rumors of my father-in-law's recovery are sadly exaggerated. Since we left in mid-June he's deteriorated rapidly to the point that they're using the word "terminal" to describe his current condition. We don't really have a good timeline as to how long he has, but we're talking weeks now, not months.

Susan has it covered better than I could.

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July 25, 2005

So, about this new design...

The big take-away lesson is never beta new software and change out your template at the same time.

I'm running a beta version of Moveable Type 3.2. Many new features, yes. But they also changed out the template as well. Arrgh. So the rewritten stylesheet doesn't work with the new code.

(And about these templates... I have never seen quintuple-nested divs in any page, ever. Why so many divs, people?)

While I'm getting this up to speed and moving the new design into the new templates, be advised of the following problems:

  1. You may not be able to read comments on old posts despite a link saying there are comments. This should be working now.
  2. The Flickr badge and Firefox didn't play nice in the template, so I pulled it. Note the link in the toolbar at the top.
  3. The toolbar at the top? On the main page, not on the individual entry pages. That will be cleaned up soon. One of the cool new features of MT 3.2 is template modules, which act like "includes" in the template coding system.
  4. Right now the archives are doubly-published. I'm trying to get this problem solved.

Additionally, expect the following changes soon:

  1. Goodbye HTML, hello PHP. Don't know yet if I'm going to have the site do a dynamic build or not yet, but the pages will defintely be more templated using PHP includes.
  2. Once PHP is in place, Susan's LiveJournal links will return -- and a few other new things will pop up.
  3. The red bar at the top will go and be replaced by something else.
  4. The "eye" pictures will also go and some other way of identifying the family members will take its place.

All that and more soon.

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July 24, 2005

C&S Is Five

I walked out of the dotcom on June 14, 2000. On June 21, I walked in and handed the boss a resignation letter (with just "I resign effective today" on it), grabbed my stuff, and headed home.

The dotcoms were still hiring at what would turn out to be an impossible-to-maintain rate; by the time I had actually quit I'd already had 3 interviews (and 2 more scheduled the following week). By my count I show 14 e-mail nibbles from agencies and companies in the two weeks I was unemployed. One problem, though. I didn't have a website.

I pored over domain names all that weekend. I decided that I didn't want my name registered -- too obvious. Most every idea I came up with had already been taken. There was one exception.

You see, I thought that with my dotcom wealth, whatever that was, I would open up a combination English style pub and Internet cafe, maybe with a B&B upstairs. I was thinking pub quiz nights, maybe some live music, and a lot of computers with waterproof covers. And the pub, as an ode to the old "and" signs of pubs (e.g. the Bird and Baby) and to the industry that paid my way there, would be The Client And Server.

So, on July 24, 2000, clientandserver.com was born, a placeholder for the little dream I had.

Five years on, the dotcoms are gone, the wealth is gone, but the family is bigger, the dream remains (albeit deferred a little while longer), and clientandserver.com has turned into my every-so-often blog.

So, raise your glasses to a dream deferred and a website that's a little too blue.

And today, the word "The" finally gets appended to the front of the blog name, and the updated template finally comes online.

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July 22, 2005

Summer Time

When summer rolls around, I blog less. But then, when summer arrives in Seattle, why stay inside and blog?

I passed by an anniversary last Thursday -- the fifth anniversary of me walking out of the dotcom and not coming back. I've never regretted that decision. Pro2Net launched the new site over the weekend, and a year later the site was offline (thanks to bankruptcy). I moved on.

Two more anniversaries are approaching as well -- the fifth anniversary of this site and domain is this weekend, while the tenth anniversary of my permanent arrival in Seattle is August 29. I should probably throw a party in there somewhere, but since no one ever shows up at my parties, it's pretty pointless.

Oh... now that I'm putting Annabel pictures on Flickr, here's where you can see all the current Annabel pics.

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July 08, 2005

Millions of people swarming like flies 'round

From the P-I:

Bomb-sniffing dogs, increased police patrols and extra vigilance by bus drivers are part of heightened security measures taken in Seattle and King County in response to yesterday's terrorist attacks in London.

Oh yeah, saw that in action today. Normally, there's one police car parked at Northgate Park-n-Steal. Tonight, there were TWO! Oh, that instantly makes me feel DOUBLY safe!

Whatever. I keep riding the bus and saving on gas.

Oh, and Al-Queda? Bite me. Taking out my dearly beloved London doesn't make me fearful, it makes me really pissed off. Don't even think about showing up here in Sea-Town again.

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July 06, 2005

Ahead of my time

I've heard and read people saying, "You know you've arrived in the 21th century when you get the letter saying your credit card number has been compromised by a hacker." (C.f. Mike Whybark)

To all of you experiencing the fun of having your credit card hacked, I say, 'bout time. I got the letter in December 2000... the last month of the 20th century. Thanks, Egghead!

Yay! For once I'm five years ahead of the cool kids!

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July 05, 2005

Events that historical reenactors should never do

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Repeating history so you don't have to

Originally uploaded by Dylan W..
So on Monday we went up to Bothell to see their Fourth celebration -- complete with reenactment of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. I'm not exactly sure why a Seattle suburb feels compelled to reenact a war that happened nearly 3000 miles away on an active outdoor trail, but they did.

Anachronisms did fly, especially when the reenactors started hauling out their digital cameras.

Full photo set is here.

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July 04, 2005


How I spent my Fourth of July:
10 years ago: Sitting on the beach in Mtwara, Tanzania, I got a hookworm-type creature in my foot thanks to me wearing open-toed Tevas.

5 years ago: Standing on top of Met Park East watching the two big fireworks displays simultaneously with the rest of the dotcom I worked for. Two weeks later I'd quit, citing burnout. 10 months after that, they were out of business.

This year: Probably going to the Bothell to watch the reenactment of the Battle of Concord.

No real line of reference here, just marking time.

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