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July 29, 2006

The future's orange

I lost my cell phone.

By "lost" I mean "severely misplaced." I can't find it. I've tried calling it in every place I could have dropped it, but I can't rouse it (or hear the ringtone).

Now, I've had a cell phone for about six years, though I haven't exactly been a power user. I've never gone over my monthly minutes. I've never gone over half my monthly quota. If could tolerate Cingular, I'd have years worth of rollover minutes. I really haven't needed a cell phone.

Until this week. And I proceed to lose it.

My phone has gotten progressively smaller over the years. My first phone was a Qualcomm (which doesn't even make cell phones anymore) and was the size of two sticks of butter. Phone #2 was an Ericsson and about the size of a candy bar. Phone #3 (worst phone ever) was a Motorola V600 -- a supergiant pack og gum. And the most recent phone was a Motorola PEBL, which probably could be used as a suppository. It's tiiiiiny.

And that was my downfall -- it's so small I apparently lost it amongst all my stuff.

So, I ordered (sigh) a new phone, and in order to get the price deals agreed to extend our T-Mobile agreement another two years, which is fine since they're the least jerky cell phone company I've dealt with. But when it came time to order a phone... what to get? Cheap and flimsy? Blackberry? Oh-I'm-so-metrosexual RAZR?

No. I liked my PEBL. It made me feel stylish, yet hetero. I told the customer service lady, gimme another PEBL.

What color? she asked.

Color? They're black.

No, she said. They come in five colors now. Black, green, pink, turquoise, and orange.

Orange. You can get it in road crew orange. I thought about it -- easy to spot, distinctive, and ugly enough that it will remind me to STOP LOSING IT. So, I said I wanted an orange phone. (And to be clear, orange as in "orange phone from T-Mobile," not "Orange phone.")

So, in a few days, I'll have a ridiculously colored phone that I can spot from a mile away. Hopefully, I won't lose it again. These phones aren't cheap.

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July 21, 2006

All Things Broil/All Things Roast

Admittedly, the predicted high of 93F isn't that hot, especially when in the last week it's been nearly 100F in London and 103F in Tulsa. But in London, 100F is exceedingly rare, and in Tulsa, they have this thing called air conditioning.

Oh, blessed A/C. Thank you, Willis Haviland Carrier, for making America livable in the summer. Why do I think that sounds like a Sufjan Stevens song title?

Up in Vancouver, the new Dayment, Ever Charis, debuted. More cute baby girls. Seems like everyone we know has a girl.

Next week, Susan is off to her writer's convention, and I get six days with a toddler. Pray for me. I'm actually considering a drive up to Vancouver to drop off baby clothes for Babymented. Of course, I need to find Annabel's birth certificate in order to do that. Where is it?

I talked work into paying for An Event Apart. It's difficult to pry money out of them nowadays, but somehow this got approved. And I did lean on them a bit, saying that if they want me to still be the one-man webmaster band around here that I need to keep my skills up. I mean, these are the gods of CSS having a one-day conference. It's the sort of place that Ben would love to shoot up.

And that's about it. Anyone who wants to hang out next week with a 2-year-old, you know where I am.

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July 16, 2006

Heave To

Stuff is happening. But at the same time, life is in a state of non-flux.

Susan got sick. Nasty bacterial sick. Came close to being hospitalized sick. But she's better. Thanks, Dr. Fleming. And her book is finished, finally. Her agent is shopping it to the publishing houses. Hopefully, they'll bite soon.

Annabel is starting to talk more. She really hasn't started on verbs, though. She can string multiple words together to create phrases and has a vocabulary of 100-150 words. But verbs... she still doesn't quite get what those are for. And the terrible twos are in full force. She has three different tantrum settings -- peeved, angry, and superangry. Lately, it's been superangry about once a day.

Work is still stuck. But now I have to write a proposal to get it unstuck -- I need to outline a five year plan for dragging the school into the 21st century (kicking and screaming). But where do you start? I'm looking at how we can leverage social networking in education, especially with the distance learning we are going to be forced to do in the future. Of course, the people I'm writing this for have no idea what social networking is. Or instant messaging, blogs, Section 508, or reporting services. It's so hard when you can see what the future is supposed to look like and how you can get there before anyone else, only your superiors don't understand the present at all. I feel like a teenager again, only with more adult-like gawkiness.

Movable Type 3.3 just came out. I'm debating whether to upgrade or dump MT for Wordpress. It may have to wait until I decide on whether I'm going to seek out a different hosting service.

"Fortress Around Your Heart" came up on iTunes (among my 13,500 items in the library). Blue Turtles came out 21 years ago this month. For some reason, this song reminds me of the late fall of 1985, going to see a movie with the fam (and someone else?), and seeing all the Blue Turtles posters up in a record store. A record store that no longer exists next to a movie theater that no longer in a shopping mall that... well, apparently, it does exist. I'm not ranting about how old I feel, but man, 21 years old now.

And oh, I wish I could turn phrases like Samantha, who is a decade younger than me.

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July 10, 2006

Got my new jersey from England

Got my new jersey from England
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I took some bonus money I had I bought myself a new road Reading jersey.

And that's about as exciting as my life is right now. I bought a jersey of a team I'm not going to get to see this year because they're in another country on another continent.

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