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September 22, 2006

Happy birthday to me

Yep, I've cleared my Jesus/Alexander year and reached 34 without being crucified or conquering the known world. And I guess I'm OK with that, though it'd sure be nice to have at least seized control of all of Western Washington by now.

My music calendar informed me that I share a birthday with Joan Jett. Strangely, it left out King Sunny Ade. Not so strangely, it also left out Billie Piper.

What am I doing for my birthday? Working. A large insurance company in town that may have their name slapped on a baseball stadium gives people their birthday off, and honestly, I don't really like that idea. I'd rather just work through it and do stuff later in the week, or else get the whole damn week off. But yeah, I'm working. And that's as much fun as it has been as it's getting increasingly clear that my vision for this job and the nature of the web are incongruous with the beliefs of the organization as a whole. So, maybe by next year a change or two will be made, a few years too late.

As for the weight, I was at 254 this morning, -11 overall. So, I seem to be holding to a 2 lb/wk clip at this moment. I got in 40 minutes on the elliptical and a 10 minute run on the treadmill last night, netting me a 700 calorie burnoff. I am getting fitter and I'm getting more work in, but I'm still a long way from a 10 minute mile -- after 3 minutes on the treadmill at 6mph my leg muscles were in open rebellion. They're still a little tight this morning. That's actually one of the things driving me nuts right now -- 10 minutes into exercise my calves and gluts tighten up and knock me off pace, but then 10 minutes later I'm pretty much through that. I wish that would stop.

Anyway, here's a playlist for today. Consider it a bit like a soundtrack for my life. I ain't sharing the tracks with you, so you'll have to use one of those illegal filesharing things to assemble it yourself.

"The Everlasting," Manic Street Preachers
"Be Thankful For What You've Got," William DeVaughn (though Yo La Tengo also acceptable)
"Lucky Man," Verve
"On Fire," Sebadoh
"Piazza, New York Catcher," Belle and Sebastian
"The Beautiful Sea," Hem
"California One/Youth And Beauty Brigade," Decemberists
"Sandusky," Uncle Tupelo
"Time After Time," REM
"Tangerine," Buffalo Tom
"I Need Love," Sam Phillips

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September 17, 2006

Hit the weight down

I stood on the scale at the start of the month.

265 pounds.

15 pounds from morbidly obese (at my height), 85 from what in this country is considered "normal."

Meanwhile, I was down to exactly one pair of pants I could wear to work -- and it was starting to look like something an 80s rock band would wear to work at a biz casual place.

And then, well, there's sex. I felt like it was horizontal sumo wrestling. I also had no energy -- what little I had Annabel was running out of me.

Something had to give. And I didn't want it to be my pants or my heart.

So, I made some changes. I am back to counting calories, ideally 1500 a day, but no more than 2000. I also joined a gym.

Now, those of you who have known me since the Ancient of Days know that gyms and I go together like the Republican Party and a gay pride parade. I have no idea how to lift, what's too much, or any of that. And I'm just not the gym type, really. I've never been pretty or muscular, save my years in high school when I swam and had massive shoulders.

But, I'm going three days a week. I discovered that most of the people there are in their 30s and aren't stick figures. And I go in the mid-to-late evening, when the club is (relatively) empty. And oh, I hang around the treadmills and elliptical trainers and stairclimbers. They generate estimates of how many calories I've burned, which is perfect, because then I know exactly how much lard I'm burning off my body. Right now I'm aiming for 600 calories a 40-60 minute workout; I'd like to eventually raise that to 1000 per, but considering I was just aiming for 300-400 at first, I'm doing pretty well.

Working out was painful at first. Fat legs chafe. Luckily, there are compression shorts. And muscles that hadn't been asked to work in years filed voluminous formal protests against the abuse they were taking. I didn't listen. I just kept working.

After two weeks, I'm down 9 pounds. Yeah, it's mostly water right now, but I'm now 75 pounds from "healthy weight" land. The goal now is 180 by my 35th birthday -- September 22, 2007. (Yes, my 34th is Friday, if you haven't already figured that out.) I'm feeling a bit better, a little more wired, a little less depressed. I hope it keeps getting better. I hate feeling like a beached whale when I lie down.

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