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November 12, 2006

Changing of the Blog

I've been with my current hosting company for about four years now. However, I've been constricted by what they've offered me, specifically no true PHP support and no way to edit the .htaccess file. In addition, I've been needing to learn Ruby on Rails, and this host doesn't do that.

So, after about a month of shopping, I ended up going with asmallorange, a little hosting company in the Southeast that came highly recommended. PHP5 support, .htaccess permissions, shell access, and Rails already installed. I'm paying more ($20/month vs. $13/month), but I get a lot more (5x the storage, 6x the bandwidth, and a lot more control).

Right now I'm in the process of getting the new host space set up. Eventually, I will get the switch thrown and I'll be running over there.

There will be a LOT of changes. Annabel's blog will likely be taken down and rebuilt. The PTBNL blog (which is still up) will be canned completely. The home page will feature a lot more content and will pull in some RSS feeds of Susan's blogs and some other things.

But the big decision is the one I haven't made yet: Movable Type or Wordpress?

I've been using Movable Type for 3 1/2 years. Over time, though, I haven't been completely happy with it. I've lived with the quirks. I thought about switching to a number of different options, but I ended up with a really cheap license (back when you had to pay for them for multiple blogs and users) , so I've stuck with it.

Now, though... I feel like it's time for a fresh start. But a fresh start either means I'm doing a clean install of MT, or I'm moving to Wordpress.

Moving to Wordpress would mean a lot of changes. RSS feeds would have to be changed in everyone's readers (all three of you who use them). The archive links would all be dead (since Wordpress doesn't handle archives the way Movable Type does). In essence, everything about this blog would be in for wholesale change.

So I have a question for all three of my readers who are bloggers (and still read this) -- Why do you like Movable Type? Why do you like Wordpress? (And if Tara is still reading this, why do you like/hate Textpattern?) Have you moved between the two? Was it worth all the broken links?

Changes are happening. Hopefully, they'll be done by Christmas. I just hope it's true and not the First World War sort of "done by Christmas."

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November 08, 2006

Oh, it's good to be alive.

Remember that Reagan commercial from 1984, "It's Morning in America?" I think it needs a new voiceover.

It's morning again in America. Today, more men and women will go to work than ever before in our country's history. With interest rates and inflation down, more people are buying new homes, and our new families can have confidence in the future. America today is prouder and stronger and better. Now, why would we want to return this corrupt Republican leadership to Congress?

George W. Bush — Leadership that ain't working.

I'm happy. After these last 10 years of the GOP sitting on their fat keisters in the House shoveling my tax money into their Bridges to Nowhere, the DeLay-Hastert-Abramhoff corruption machine has been drop-kicked out of power. After these years of a Senate only willing to rubber-stamp the President's wishes instead of doing the power-checking they're supposed to do, they are about to find themselves either evenly split or handed over to the Democrats. Donald Rumsfeld, possibly our worst Defense or War Secretary ever, has been sent packing. The GOP is talking about conciliation and compromise. And Pelosi's not an idiot -- she knows how to work the deals and horse-trade like a Speaker of the House is supposed to do, instead of, you know, just being a sockpuppet for a corrupt representative from Sugar Land.

There won't be impeachments. There won't be any blood. It will just be an agreement on how to get Iraq moving, get the budget deficits under control, and working on keeping this country moving. Terrorism will be defended against in a sensible manner, instead of by invading a country with few quantifiable terror ties and an inactive WMD program.

So, now we look at the two great possibilities for our nation -- either we move beyond the failed leadership and towards the great political change awaiting us after 2008 that may just lead America to its Silver Age, or we'll all be dead from the illegal immigrant Al-Queda cut-and-running terrorists destroying us with their soda-bottle nuclear weapons and socialized medicine.

It's morning in America. And it's a rising sun. Unless it's a mushroom cloud.

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