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February 19, 2007

I Can't Think Of A Title

Let's see, what's going on in my life.

I met the Shins on Sunday, briefly. I got them to autograph the grocery list. Really. I couldn't think what else to have them sign.

Annabel has been sick on and off the last week or so. Thus, I've been at home a lot.

I have a stalker. OK, he's not exactly a stalker, but he did track me down via a bunch of blogs, only to find that we both work for the same organization and are very similar. I met him in a public place this week, ever at the ready for his band of trained monkey ninja assassins to begin the assault. But it never came. I'm kinda disappointed -- I've been training all my life to fight the coming monkey ninja hordes.

While I was at home with Annabel, I answered the phone. And, you see, this is unusual, because 70% of the phone calls we get are from solicitors and survey groups. And this recruiter talked me into discussing another position with another organization. I was really averse to the idea (it would mean spending a certain number of months as a contract employee, which is a level of insecurity I'm not up for with my experience and my daughter) until he mentioned the salary numbers -- well above my current pay rates. I knew I was underpaid, but by that much? Wow. So, I'm going to talk to these people and see what they have to say. I still feel ambivalent about making the move right now, though, now that I'm up to four weeks of vacation and 100% matching in my retirement plan. And this potential job would be way... over there. Meaning my commute would be that much longer.

I'm entering my third week of trying to solve how to embed Flash video in a web page without having it crash on me. I've never had this sort of problem before. It reminds me of when I went to Boston a number of years ago, rented a car, and spent the next four days completely lost and frustrated. And I'm never lost (though I'm certainly frustrated, occasionally, that is, all the time). Geography is my strong suit. But Boston's street system lacks any sense of rhyme or reason. It lacks visual cues and landmarks. And with Flash video, it's the same problem -- I can't find the visual cues or the road map to help me understand how it all works. Flash is a very "black box" technology. It's hard to reverse-engineer it. So, with Flash video I feel like I'm driving past Old South Meeting House. Again. For the fourteenth time today.

We're also trying to decide what to do about housing. We need a new place by spring. Buying in this market, though, is scary. Everything is overpriced, but the prices keep rising anyway.

And a memo to the Texas relatives -- I'll be at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference March 9-14 in Austin. So, hey, let's get together sometime in there. That goes for you, Chris -- I'm leaving the 15th, so should I come over to Houston for the night?

'Tis all. I'm sure I'll post something in another month or so. See you then. And if you're in Austin, say hello.

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