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May 13, 2007


It was a disenchanted April.

We moved, said goodbye to the old rental house that had been home for nearly 8 years. But we didn't buy a place. The market has now long passed our affordability. So, we're stuck renting. The new place has twice the square footage, and Annabel has her own room finally. Still, what a mess this move has been. We have 30 boxes in the garage that need to be sorted through. We spent way too much at Ikea, though we finally have a real dining room table with actual leaves. I threw out 800 pounds of trash at the dump. How did we accumulate 800 pounds of trash, much less stuff?

Meanwhile, Susan's mother had a lung taken out. She has stage 3 lung cancer, even though she's a non-smoker. Her prognosis isn't great. All this happened while Susan's job went from terrible to awful. Luckily, she just got hired by a new organization and will be starting there later this month. She really wants to get down to Alabama as soon as she can, but with work it's a struggle. And with all the money flowing out into the move and the higher rent, she really can't take a week off without pay without seriously jeopardizing our finances.

Also, my camera got stolen. It was my fault -- I left it in plain view in my car, and the thieves smashed 'n' grabbed. Eventually, I'll get around to replacing it.

Annabel was sick for part of the month. Although that led to this exchange over the phone:

GRANDMA WILBANKS: How are you, Annabel?
ANNABEL: Grandma! I had messy diarrhea in my pants!
GRANDMA: Annabel! You can talk so well!

My work has been, well, Dunder-Mifflin-ian. Too much so. Only more drama than comedy. But there's finally someone to take over my admin roles. Now, I just have to train her. And I guess other parts of work have been OK, too. I'm starting to build a network in other parts of campus. There are some things blowing in the wind that suggest I might need to get close to some people on campus and hope that some of these possible changes happen. If they do and I position myself right, I will have something in the reins I've always wanted.

Our marriage has somehow survived all this stress, though there's a lot of tension there.

And... I guess that's it for right now. I'm still alive.

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