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July 13, 2007


It's all tomatoes, all the time right now for me. And I'm sorry that I'm subjecting you to this, but honestly, this is the first time I haven't killed a plant, ever.

I'm up to 31 tomatoes on the vine. THIRTY-ONE. And despite the worries about plant stress and overwatering and everything else, I have THIRTY-ONE TOMATOES on the vine.

$100 in investment, 31 tomatoes. That's about $3 apiece. If you've seen tomato prices in Seattle, you'd know it's almost a bargain. Almost.

So, behold me not killing a plant. And here's the whole photoset as it stands.

Otherwise, I'd like to complain about work and my vocation, but I'm done that enough in the last few months, so I'll pipe down for now. Instead, here are some selected quotes from Annabel, The World's Most Precocious Three Year Old:

(on having her diaper changed) "Teacher Hattie, you're washing my ass!"
"Daddy, I don't have a big butt! I have a small butt!"
"I'm not a boy! I'm a GOY! Mommy's a GOY, Daddy is a boy!"
"I don't want to wear a dress! Dresses are hot! They're too small on me!"
"Annabel, do you want a cookie?" "I like cookies." "Is that a yes?" "I LIKE COOKIES!"

I swear, we don't use ass around the house, so we don't know where that came from. The girl is going to be a sailor-mouthed, jeans-wearing woman with a big brain, I can tell you that much.

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