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December 23, 2007

Christmas 2007

Here we are again. Another year wasted. A new one about to be frittered away.

The Christmas letter is now live. Does it look like last year's? Yep. I was just too busy to do more to the template than change the pictures and colors. And besides, it's a pretty solid template.

If you can't tell, Christmas snuck up on us this year for a variety of reasons. The cards go out tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

But here's something I'll say that's not in the letter: I'm glad 2007 is almost over. It wasn't the worst year of my life (that still belongs to 1994, with 1988 running right behind), but it was close to annus horribilis. Frustration on every level, in nearly every sphere of my life. A brutal depression I'm not even sure I'm completely out of. My computer broke. My camera was stolen. I've been in vocational limbo all year. I'm at a new highwater mark for weight. Oh, and the Mariners are absolutely incompetent.

OTOH, I still have Susan, I still have Annabel, I still have a job, and we got a bigger place this year. I've been in demand for interviews and discussion panels. Susan is out of her helljob. Even with the weird and random complaints from daycare, Annabel has been marching on.

Still, I'm happy this year is over. Knowing how it's gone we'll probably spend New Year's Eve sleeping in the Nashville airport, but at least it'll be over a week from Tuesday.

2008 probably means more change. But I want to make them. I need to make them. The status can't quo anymore. And this blog will be a big part of it. The "big" part might mean "big silences" or "I'm just going to tear the whole damn thing down," but something will happen here. Keep the home RSS readers burning.

So happy Christmas. I hope you have fun. My 14 loyal readers. And those Mariner bums.

Anyway, see you in the new year sometime.

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