The Wilbanks Christmas letter

December 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

Season's Greetings from Seattle, where, as usual, we're dreaming of a damp Christmas, and, if we're lucky, enough of a break in the clouds to see the snow on the mountains.

Probably the biggest event was Susan getting a new job after nearly six eternal months of looking.  She started her new job with the Seattle Public Library Foundation on Halloween.  The work is similar to her old position -- she works on publications, event planning, and a little fundraising support -- but the chief perk is getting to work in the big building downtown with all the free books.  Dylan is still with the University of Washington School of Public Health, but both of us are considering career changes.  Dylan is eyeing grad school (if he can ever find a subject that keeps his interest for more than 10 seconds), and Susan means to try her hand at freelance writing.


We got to do a fair amount of traveling this year, mostly to celebrate milestones with family and friends.  In May, we went back to the East Coast to attend the Delaware wedding of the friend who introduced us.  While there, we got a chance to visit several of Susan's college friends and to be tourists at Cooperstown and Gettysburg. Also in May, Dylan flew down to Houston for the weekend at the bequest of Chris Collins' wife, Kelly, in order to provide moral support on Chris' 30th birthday.   August took us to Tulsa and Dylan's grandmother's 80th birthday party, where Susan had the opportunity to forget the names of all of Dylan's cousins. Thanksgiving meant a return to Alabama to celebrate Susan's parents' 50th wedding anniversary -- and a chance for Dylan to reciprocate the cousin name forgetting. 

As usual, we went to a lot of Mariners games (and even got tickets to M's playoff games that never happened since they dropped like a stone out of first place in August). In September we got a chance to take Susan's parents to a game when they were in Seattle briefly after their Alaskan cruise this summer, only the second time they'd ever been to an MLB game.

Susan is still learning to skate, and is proud to report that she can land a waltz jump now -- you know how a triple axel is 3˝ rotations?  A waltz jump is just like it, only it's just one half of a rotation.  Considering that a little over two years ago, she was clinging to the boards in terror, she thinks it's amazing that she can do anything involving both feet being airborne at once, however briefly. Dylan is taking banjo lessons and has moved from complete ignorance of the instrument to being able to play quite badly in a mere two months.

Please keep in touch!  We'd love to hear from you.  Our phone number is 206-365-5621, Dylan's email is wnalyd@@attbi dot com, and Susan's is stonewilbanks at attbi period com.  We'd also love to have you come visit -- just give us enough warning time to clean out the spare bedroom (and find the spare bed under the piles of computer books and romances).


Dylan and Susan